MicroPads Simulation Kit: Revolutionizing Micropigmentation and Tattoo Training

In the dynamic world of micropigmentation and tattooing, training is paramount for honing skills and achieving excellence. However, finding high-quality, realistic training products has been a challenge – until now. Enter MicroPads, the game-changer in practical learning for tattooists and micropigmentation artists.

Inspired by the glaring lack of realistic training aids, MicroPads set out to revolutionize the training experience. Our silicone skin stands out as the only micropigmentation teaching aid that varies in thickness, closely replicating the realism of actual skin. This innovation allows established artists to showcase their work precisely while providing new artists with a safe environment to develop their skills without the risk of permanently scarring real skin.

MicroPads simulation kit is designed to cater to various practices within the micropigmentation and tattoo industries. PMU Practice becomes seamless, enabling practitioners to perfect cosmetic procedures such as eyeliner, lip liner, or eyebrow definition with ease and confidence. Meanwhile, SMP Practice is elevated to a new level of precision, offering the perfect canvas for scalp micropigmentation practice. For aspiring and seasoned tattoo artists alike, our skins provide a realistic medium to ensure exceptional results in Tattoo Practice.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. MicroPads are crafted from the highest quality pure silicone, fully certified by Rohs, REACH, and SGS. With our 70-shore grade silicone, practitioners can expect a perfect combination of firmness and resistance, facilitating an optimal training experience.

MicroPads simulation kit is more than just a training aid – it’s a catalyst for growth and excellence in the micropigmentation and tattoo industries. Join the revolution today and elevate your training experience with MicroPads.

Experience the difference. Train with MicroPads.

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