Discover the Art of Beauty: Online PMU Courses Available Now at Elite Beauty!

Online PMU Courses

Are you ready to elevate your skills and passion for beauty into a professional career? Elite Beauty is thrilled to announce the launch of the online PMU courses, designed to transform aspiring beauty enthusiasts into seasoned experts. Our latest offerings cover highly sought-after techniques in semi-permanent makeup, focusing on innovative eyebrow and lip treatments that […]

MicroPads Simulation Kit: Revolutionizing Micropigmentation and Tattoo Training


In the dynamic world of micropigmentation and tattooing, training is paramount for honing skills and achieving excellence. However, finding high-quality, realistic training products has been a challenge – until now. Enter MicroPads, the game-changer in practical learning for tattooists and micropigmentation artists. Inspired by the glaring lack of realistic training aids, MicroPads set out to […]

Elevating the Art of Tattooing: A Closer Look at JCONLY Needle Cartridges

JCONLY Needle Cartridges

The world of tattooing is one that constantly evolves, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. One such advancement that has caught the attention of professional tattoo artists globally is the JCONLY Needle Cartridges. Renowned for their precision, safety, and innovative design, these cartridges are quickly becoming a staple in tattoo studios. In this blog post, we […]

Introducing Our New Rewards Program!

Rewards Program

At Elite Beauty, we believe in showing appreciation to our loyal customers, and we’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new Rewards Program designed just for you. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support and trust in our products. How It Works: For every £1 you spend on our website, you’ll earn 1 […]

The Dragonhawk P20: Your Perfect Partner for Permanent Makeup

Dragonhawk P20

When it comes to permanent makeup procedures, having the right tools is crucial to ensure both the practitioner’s comfort and the client’s satisfaction. The Dragonhawk Mast P20 is a machine that has been making waves in the beauty industry for its exceptional features and outstanding performance. In this blog post, we will delve into why […]

Hello PMU World


Elite Beauty Cosmetics is one of the leading providers of permanent makeup accessories, offering everything a customer could need for their PMU procedures. From tattoo machines to pigments from popular brands like Tina Davies, Perma Blend, Brow Daddy, and LI pigments, Elite Beauty Cosmetics has it all. We also offer latex practice skin, hygiene products, […]

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